About Piers Duruz

About Piers Duruz

Hi there,

I’m Piers Duruz. I’ve had an eclectic career doing sales / marketing for people like 12 time New York Times best seller Robert Kiyoaski and the guy behind the secret service’s, counterfeit money detection program, Joel Zlotnick.

I’ve cooked in a 5 star restaurant in Sydney and catered for Sage and Tony Robbins personally. I’ve  started a bunch of businesses and been involved with helping literally hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns get funded via Crowdfunding Dojo. I’ve been quoted by Forbes, CNN, The University of Washington and a bunch of other places.

That’s all well and good, but what I’m more passionate about is helping people to discover, create and experience new ideas that explore and share joy with life. If you have a way that we can do this better together, get in touch!

I’m also into natural health, plant-based living foods, free and open source software,  open culture, 3D animation, personal development. I love accelerated learning, specifically applying it to playing the banjo and speaking Spanish when I have a moment. Lately I’ve been wrapping my head around the basics of quantum physics.

I’m a sucker for a good social cause, especially ones involving the environment, young kids or animals.

I have a strange, absurdist sense of humor, influenced by a range of people including Monty Python, Bill Waterson, Gary Larson,  Salvador Dali, The Oatmeal and  Zach Weiner. I’m inspired by people ranging from Jim Henson, Edward Snowden, Tony Robbins, David Suzuki, Albert Einstein, Jacob Applebaum, Robert Kiyosaki, David Wolfe,  Tim Ferris, Nikola Tesla, Joshua Foer and Claude Debussy.

I also worship my dog, a 14lb daschund (“Sophie the Wünderpup”).

I don’t accept friend requests on Facebook, but if you’re someone I know, or with an interesting (read: not spam) idea I’d be interested in, feel free to say hi, via the contact form or ask me to add you on my preferred social network, Diaspora.

Please don’t ask me to promote your crowdfunding project, unless it’s something that helps other crowdfunders make their own projects more successful.

Live long and prosper.

Piers Duruz