Born in Australia, Piers Duruz, is the CEO and founder of multiple companies spanning the globe including a Canadian media company focused on social progress and an Australian natural foods community which he founded in 2003 and subsequently trailblazed the living foods movement across the Southern hemisphere. By 2008 it had become the single largest online community in Australia and Oceania for learning natural nutrition and living foods, a position it holds to this day.

As an entrepreneur, Piers has a varied background involving film production (with a BVA and a Masters Degree from the prestigious AFTRS), real estate, increasing sales for Pow Wow Events (promoters of Robert "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Kiyosaki, the New York Times financial best seller) and even cheffing living food for Tony Robbins and his wife Sage at one of their core seminars as a Leadership alumni.

Piers has both co-authored of a couple of books, with a mid five figure audience as well as acting as a photographer for one book published by BookPubCo / Alive Books, while also having helped a number of other businesses increase their online presence along the way.

Currently, fueled by a recent new arrival in his own family, Piers is partnering with leading business, media and education experts in the field of educating people in the art of raising children in a naturally based and humane manner.

Between frequent traveling, Piers currently lives with his wife and daughter between a forest lake and 30,000 acres of protected wilderness North of Toronto, Canada, operating various businesses entirely online.